Sunday, July 31, 2005

Something like the pose Yung Hui asked me to draw... it doesn't look as nice in this picture thanks to a lousy cameraman being unable to take a picture of my entire body

Us restless guys standing for the picture

The cameramen. They were about 50 metres away

Lining up before taking the picture

My impression of Keanu Reeves

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Another guard in the house (Hsien Chun again) who, unlike the others, is not sleeping. Instead, he was ready to attack Zi Xian and I, but apparently, he couldn't save himself from the object that dropped from the ceiling after I sneezed

Me "Lockpicking" the balcony door

Hsien Chun (the sleeping guard) in the foreground while Zi Xian and I are in the background, deciding to climb up to get into the house (there's another sleeping guard in the front door, also played by Hsien Chun)

Zi Xian, me and -1 about to start a fight outside the "rich man's house" (my house) in The Trade II

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Liah with his butt against himself

Zan Hao wearing a skirt??

Zan Hao playing pat a cake with himself...

Zan Hao has a twin

Hao Ran filming something. Notice how everyone is moving except him

Hao Ran filming me

A picture taken in front of a mirror (left to right: Hsien Chun, Zan Hao, Me, Kiah Wei)

The vandalized CD I keep under my desk as a useful mirror when someone gets vain (Sook Yee used it the other day)

Me when Kheng Lam took the camera

The stage for our charity dinner under construction

Zi Xian teaching us Geography...

The taiwanese clarinetist (Yu Zhen I think) with our saxophonist... they looked so alike everyone was talking about them haha

The combined clarinetists of 2 bands, and I'm still the only male...

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Me and Shuan when we got our medals. Just look at my arm! 2 colors! That's what you get when you're out in the sun marching in the band all day long

Hakim, the 16 year old who looks more like he's 12

Some of the gymnasts who were there

Teck Chee

Ray competing