Sunday, May 15, 2005























Guess who he gives the flowers to

There he is running away from an angry gardener

Here's Han at a park...

Me and Han er... the guy from my comic strip

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The End

"Return those markers please"


"...and then we add a little bit of this here... and here..."

"Now bring your hands over here..."


"Oh sure.... but keep your hands still"

"Can you return that pleeeeeaaaase?"

... then suddenly... Poh Mi grabbed hold of my permanent marker

With Poh Mi eating the nuggets I bought for her (and possibly falling asleep listening to me babble on as you can see in the photo)

So there I was talking to them...

and the victim... me

Presenting... the two girls Jackylin and Poh Mi

Monday, May 02, 2005

Trying to get the band to fall in line

The infamous Wen Hang of the band

Su Wen handling something

Left to right: Somebody, David, Jacky Chin and Dad

Hao Ran sorting out the vests

The Canteen Duty Students

I got bored so I took a picture of this barren tree

The traffic jam I have to face almost every morning

Sigh... the road to my old school...

Hao Ran