Sunday, April 24, 2005

The comic I drew for Nigel during our English class hahaha

The Philippines flag Marjie and I drew during our chat on Thursday

Helping Mom make my favourite apple cake

After a month of keeping away from gel, I've finally given in to the temptation

Hsien Chun fooling around with some gloves

Another view... this picture makes that building over there look taller than the world renowned Petronas Twin Towers

Early morning view of the city on my way to school (you can tell it's early because the lights are still on)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Yung Hui's picture

Poh Mi's picture

Marielle's picture

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Merlion

The other one with Korie in it

The actual comic (I scanned it before framing it with the materials bought before)

Or, it can be hung on the wall

It can even stand like this

Here's how it's like when it's opened up

The comic I drew and framed for Shir Li

L King

-1 introducing a new way to sit in your chair

The Saxophonists

The percussionists making noise at the back

The fellow Clarinetists (I am still the only male playing the clarinet sigh)

Two trumpeteers

The Bandroom

Jia Jun, Kiah Wei and Xing Jian fooling around in class

Yang Jian, the only boy in our class who joined the solo singing competition (I joined the class singing competition)

A Tiger Woods cut out I got from the newspaper punching Hao Ran's butt...

Chern Hui sitting at my desk

L King, the leader of our board design team

Zan Hao and Xiong Jian taking a break during while we were working on the notice board

Hao Ran and our group working on the notice board design competition